2014 and 2015

This New Year, 2015, had a great start in the village of Wales. There was dancing at the Wales Kingikmiut School and some fireworks around the village. School started on January 5. Most of the students were present, but some was still away for New Year’s. School started splendidly.

Over the school break, there were gym nights with mostly Eskimo Native games (seal hop, broad jump and scissor broad jump), but there were some nights when there were also some American games (ex. volleyball, basketball and dodge ball). Additionally, there were some raffle tickets, and prizes for those who won. There were some huge prizes, but only some. For example, there was a smart flat screen TV and an Ipad.


The year 2014 was good to me. I learned many important topics. My family and I survived the year of the bills and other conflicts. Next school year, I will be applying to go to a high school in Alaska called Mt. Edgecombe that will be getting me ready for college. The application will be given to me this school year and, I’ll be going next school year. For this New Year, I’ll try my best to learn as much as I can and do my best in school.

Hopefully everyone will have a great new year!


the ending is a rush

Tomorrow is the last day of school! I’m so excited! I cannot wait till freedom!

I still have no plans. Lets see what summer brings. Have a good day! :D

Sorry I would right more then this but I’m betting my summer will be boring, but I did sign up for Summer Youth Program. As in working somewhere. Im so excited. I also applied for other things, but eh.

Lunch time, gotta go!


We spent a few days decorating for prom, but our main days for decorating were on Thursday and Friday. For our decorations we had white lights hanging from the ceiling and tied silver stars on to the white lights. We put blue paper around the gym and on we put stars on some of the blue paper. We put black streamers and metallic blue on the bleachers. Eric Campbell helped fill up the balloons with helium, Stacey Mueller bought/ordered silver, white, and black with silver stars, and the metallic blue had Class Of 2014. The Middle/high School put tables in the gym and put black tablecloths and put silver star table wreaths with LED lights, and put blue star confetti on the table. On Friday we had the prom after Alicia Crisci, Reuben Oxereok, Janelle Cotheren, and Jessie Ongtowasruk’s graduation.

After the graduates slideshow everyone went back in to the gym and put the bleachers up and turned off the lights and turned the strobe lights and the disco ball. Their were dancing games like, dance offs and dance freeze games, and after a while Shawna Keyes and Ms. Mueller announced who was prince and princess. The prince was Fred and the princess was Isabelle Olanna. Alicia Crisci announced who were king and queen. The prince was Cyrus Saveitilk ad the queen was Jessie Ongtowasruk.

I had a really good time but after prom I was super tired.

High School Graduation Last Week

Today’s Tuesday May 13th, and there was a high school graduation last week and there was lots of things going on, and we had to help decorate and the teachers were also helping. There was a lot of things going on that week and we were focusing on graduation and prom. We were baking 3 days early because we didn’t have frosting so we had to make our own and it took some time to decorate, bake, and set-up the gymnasium.
This is Ms. Mueller’s last year that’s why the graduation and prom was so important and had to be fancy or we would have to do it again. Last week during prom was fun, But when they went around asking for the prince and all that and it was so fun that day. The classroom was open to us but Ms. Mueller wanted us out of there.
When the Graduates were finished they went into Ms. Mueller’s classroom and get rid of things they don’t need and since they aren’t coming back to school they had to clean everything up. I was mostly being in her room and mainly looking at the things I can do. Now that the graduates are gone this room is very dead quiet.

Me and My Family

Okay I just feel saying a little something about my family. My mom Peggy Ann Sereadlook Tokeinna Olanna was married to my dad Richard Evans Tokeinna. My mom had three girls who are Stacey Tokeinna, Louise Inez Tokeinna, and their youngest girl Rebecca (Becca) Tokeinna. My dad died in 1998 the year I was born, so I don’t really know much about him. But all is I know about my dad is that he was a good dad and that he would hold me in his arms proudly. People here in Wales, Alaska said that my sister Louise and I looked like twins and would get me and Louise mixed up. They would call Louise, Becca and call me Louise. When my brother Archie Olanna Jr. (Pootoo) was born she would always call him “my baby”. Then a few months later my sister Louise passed on. She died on March 10, 2000 from an aneurysm when she was 4. Louise was loving, caring, and very kind. She loved to sing Silent Night in Inupiaq or English. Always had a smile on her face no matter what.

Now my mom is married to Archie Olanna Sr. and has 9 kids all together. All her kids now are Stacey Tokeinna, Becca Tokeinna, Archie Olanna Jr. Tia Pearl Olanna, Colleen Nicole Olanna, Victor Ray Olanna, Caroline Molly Olanna, Harvey Walter Frank Olanna, and Preston Pete Olanna. I now spend my time in Wales and Nome. Trying to be with my mom and siblings in Nome, and trying to be with my older sister and gram and papa here in Wales.

FEA Week/Last Week of School! :D

This is the last week of school. The FEA group is planning to make the week busy and non-forgettable for everyone. Lets hope this turns out fun.

So far for today after school Janice is going to do an activity of “White-man Games” and “Eskimo Games.” She’s going to start off by playing musical chairs, then go onto leg wrestle, finger pull, mirror, and steal the bacon. This should be fun!

For Tuesday, Fred and I are going to plan an Elders Lunch. We’re just going to have potluck and eat here at the school. So far we’ve already planned that we can bring any kind of food we want here to school and let the elders come and enjoy with us. I have no clue what I’m going to bring for us to enjoy. Lets hope this turns out okay!

For Wednesday, Ernest is going to put on a board games night. It will take place here at the school gym at 7:00PM. I’m pretty sure he’s going to put out lots of board games. Yay Ernest, lets hope everyone enjoys his night of putting on an activity.

For Thursday after school, Becca is going to do activities of basketball like team-on-team or students vs. staff. Something like that, but anything that deals with basketball. Lets hope everyone enjoys this day!

For Friday, Shawna is going to do a movie night. She does not know what movie she will play but it will have to be something that is available. This should be fun!

This week sounds so busy, but everyone is excited it is the last week of school! Woo-hoo!

Next Week

On Friday the 9th there will be prom after high school graduations, and will end at midnight. The community will be welcome to come, and this will be a chance to wear your best clothing. This week will also be FEA week and the FEA club members will each day of this week will be doing an activity. Graduations are for Kindergarten, Preschool and high school, no other grades is getting a graduation ceremony.


Next Monday there will be Eskimo and white man games, Tuesday there will be an Elders lunch, and Wednesday there will probably be board games. On Thursday there will be basketball and Friday there will be a movie night. Each activity will have different members of the FEA club will be attending. This week will only happen once a year by the FEA club. Each member will be doing different activities, and it will be open to the community, except on Tuesday, it will be an Elder’s lunch.


Prom will be at the school gym. This is the time to wear your best, and you must wear formal clothing or your best outfit. Prom is usually for high school, but this time it is open to all students and community members. All elementary is able to come, but must be with an adult. Prom is once a year, and is a time to dance with whomever you want to, not just be there to stand around.


Things that are in mind.

Right now I’m in Journalism class with Rebecca, known as Becca along with her grandmother Lena and our teacher Ms. Mueller.  In class were just going to post an article then do some posters for the seniors graduate & the prom.


So far Miss Teri’s class is going to graduate at 7:00pm tonight here at the school.  There are Oliver, Ida, Dave Jr., Toby, Emily M., and Walter.  Congratulate to them! Also on this Friday there are going to be 5 seniors graduating which are Jessie, Timothy, Reuben, Alicia, and Janelle. Congratulate to them! Good job to the class if 2014!


So far it’s end of the school and nothing good is happening yet. Just not yet, I hope something good happens. Usually end of the school year it’s a rush, like getting this and that done. But I think this whole school year was terrific!! I’m glad I enjoyed this school year. But one thing, one high school teacher Stacey Mueller is going to move away to Saint Michael. Going to miss her teaching us, but at least she is trying something out new.